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Got a question? Have answers?

by Amaveryoralguy 6/23/2018
Part time kinks

by MS_Aphrodite 6/23/2018
Who reads - Magazine, Erotic Stories and Blogs and why, or why not?

by Paulxx001 6/23/2018
Tickle torture

by MS_Aphrodite 6/23/2018
Do People Respect Privacy/Discretion

by mdkh6 6/23/2018
Vacation Planning - correction / improvement

by sussi1028 6/23/2018
Ranting- the demise of Craiglist personals

by N3w4Fun16 6/23/2018

by Xxentric_1 6/22/2018
Vacation Planning

by sussi1028 6/22/2018
To meet up

by Loovemesometoes5 6/22/2018
To meet up

by Loovemesometoes5 6/22/2018
Which color, ladies? Black, White, or in-between?

by serghio62 6/22/2018

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